Central Parents' Committee

of the Lester B. Pearson School Board



School Board Elections
Sunday, November 2, 2014

Each of the candidates for commissioner were asked 5 questions by the Central Parents' Committee; the letter with the questions can be found here.

The answers have been gathered by electoral ward and are posted below (a map of electoral wards can be found here).

Please pass on this information to all constituents. The CPC hopes that this initiative will help you make an informed choice when you vote November 2, 2014.

Ward 1 Ward 6
Ward 2 Ward 7
Ward 3 Ward 8
Ward 4 Ward 9
Ward 5 Ward 10

Following the October 20th debate between the candidates for chairman of LBPSB, there were outstanding questions for which parents wanted responses.

Below you will find the documents containing the answers provided by the three candidates.

Chris Eustace
Angela Nolet
Suanne Stein Day





Director General Robert Mills
Message to Parents
concerning the November 2 Election and Candidates' Debate

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