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June 30, 2015

Recognition and adequate funding of public schools

Year after year, the Quebec Government has been cutting the funding that it gives to educate children in Quebec. Every year, school boards scrape to maintain services to our children. This year, the cuts may be so severe as to affect our children. As parents, we cannot stand by and let this happen.

Parents from the LBPSB CPC & SNAC were tasked by a group of parents from several school boards in Montreal and Laval to write a petition against budget cuts. It has been translated into French and we have shared it with the other parent committees. More school boards are becoming involved and all Quebec parents are encouraged to sign it.

Don't wait, the signing deadline is September 10, 2015, but signing it now may sway the Government to reduce the cuts it has planned.

https://goo.gl/ftmsSQ is the link to the petition.

We must convince the Government that Education is an Investment, not an Expense.




May 31, 2015

To all LBPSB Parents,

Budget cutting is hitting the bone. Imagine, our schools will be without librarians.... and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

We can do something to change it. We can lobby our local MNAs and get them to reverse the cuts, convince them that Education is an Investment, not an Expense.

Your Governing Board should discuss sending a letter at your June Governing Board meeting.

It's so easy. We have prepared a template email text for you to use to contact your school’s MNA. All you have to do is pick the right one and fill in the school and chair's names. Download it. Then you can alter it, or send it as is. The links to the letters and more info can be found on the CPC Google drive. Click or open them here:
Cuts at LBPSB have just started to be announced and the timing is crucial for us to act now, to try to minimize anticipated cuts that will affect our students.
Your Governing Board’s support in this matter would be most appreciated. It would be great if we could enlist the support of every school at LBPSB, collectively, to send the message that education matters.


Bobbi Brown
CPC Chairman




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