Central Parents' Committee

of the Lester B. Pearson School Board


Message from the Chair


October 2013

It is with great honour and pride to serve as the current Chairperson of the Central Parents' Committee.


More than ever our society needs dedicated and committed parents and together we can make a difference to prepare tomorrow's youth.


We encourage you to attend our Regional or CPC Committee meetings, the dates are listed under the respective tabs or contact your Parent Representative within your child's school or myself at anytime should you have any questions.


I hope that the reports within this website and the venues we hold throughout the year will help you understand the importance of communicating and participating at your school's Governing Board, Regional Parents' Committee or directly with the Central Parents' Committee.


As parents we all share something in common - educating our children.  We rely upon you to volunteer your time and energy to make the CPC work and bring topics of importance so all of our children can benefit.


This should be an exciting year and I look forward to meeting many of you.


Laura Derry
CPC Chairperson




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